Thursday, August 2, 2007

Webelo Woods

Webelo Woods camp is set up for the Webelos to do everything by themselves and the parents sit back and just watch. 4 days of activities setup for them to attend and earn badges and such. The staff is boy scouts, barely older then the Webelos leading activities. Whoever thought of that, I'd like to know.
Anyway, this was Jacob's and my second year going. Last year we had a blast as well. There is always swimming at the camp. During free swim all the boys that passed the swim test can go in the deep end and, of course, jump off the diving board. The swimming test consists of 4 lengths of a 25 meter pool, non stop.
One of the adult staff members, who is charge of the swimming area, weighs around 350 to 400 pounds and his nickname is Cannonball, always holds a cannonball contest. Of course, he has been the champion for the past 5 years, hence the nickname Cannonball! Well, last year I took it upon myself to brag a lot, out loud, and challenge him for the championship. Unfortunately, last year the contest was cancelled do to a rain storm and all I could do is leave camp yelling out loud "Cannonball is going down!"
This year we met again at the pool and I challenged him for a rematch. The whole weekend he watched all the boys do their best to impress him to make it into the contest. I am proud to say that Jacob made it into the kids cannonball contest! Any dads that wanted to be in the adult contest were automatically entered. Everyday Cannonball would get up on the diving board, shout and growl at everyone and put his hands to his ears and listen to everyone chant his name - Cannonball! Cannonball! So I decided I would get up on the diving board and growl and shout back and show all of my 190 pounds of skinny white boy muscles back at him. But instead of me getting cheers and chants, all I got was a bunch of BOO's from the crowd. After that I was named “Black Bart!”
On Saturday at free swim we had the cannonball contest. All the boys that made it into the contest did great and had a fun time. The last contest was the Dad's vs. the 5 time champion Cannonball. We all had our turn and did our best cannonball - of course the champion did a huge cannonball and made a huge splash. But in the second round I laid the best cannonball of my career and delivered great form and a huge splash. It all came down to Cannonball and his last jump. He got to the edge of the board and um...busted into the water.
That night at the final campfire ceremony they announced the winners of each category and Jacob tied for 2nd in his division and I became the undefeated for life Cannonball Champion of Webelo Woods. Only because Jacob will be going into Boy Scouts next year and we won't be going back to Webelo Woods again.


CroppinRobin said...

I can just imagine you flexing your muscles for the boys!

Gideon mommasita said...

Delighted to read so many posts! The play by play water action was great...sorry about the Black Bart part but you triumphed in the end! YEAH MIKE