Thursday, August 2, 2007

My New Ride!

I bought a new ride this week, it’s a Snapper riding
lawn mower. I am so exited to get it up and running. I need to give it a basic tune up and it should be ready to go. It's one of those "Oldie but a Goodie" buys. I got it for a great price and hopefully it will turn our 2 & 1/2 hour mowing job into an hour or less. Also, Jacob seems really eager to hop on it and try it out! So maybe I have mowed my last lawn. We will see! He is a great helper with getting the weed eater out and doing the perimeter of the yard and house. He’s a great helper indeed, after I've push mowed the yard for over 2 hours I'm not to ready to get the weed eater out. I did convince Hannah to come out and help one time. She did a great job up until she got hot and sweaty and removed her glasses. The next thing I knew she hit her head on a tree branch and was finished. She went in to check it and I never saw her again. I told her she should know better than to operate heavy equipment without her eye protection! She didn't think that was funny. Who knows maybe I'll get Robin on it and have her mow too! Yard work should be a family effort.


Robin said...

Nope...probably won't get me on the mower!

Gideon mommasita said...

I am so jealous, just yesterday Josh said he passed up a deal from his boss on a riding lawnmower and I said "What were you thinking, you know how stinkin fun those are?" My best memories as a kid was riding my grandparents old Snapper. Kudos!

Josh said...

Emily drove our landlord's riding mower home tonight. Depsite the dark I mowed some of the lawn with it. There's no way she's having all the fun! She can straighten out whatever I did in the morning.