Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Another O'Donnell Christmas!

We had a great time celebrating Christmas together. We did miss David's family and Ann due to they all live in VA and couldn't make it this year. We spent hours opening presents and eating of course. It is always fun to get everyone together to catch up.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

My New Fire Pit!

Last year I made a Bon Fire location for all the limbs, sticks and junk I collected in our yard. It worked very nicely until Robin wanted to invite the Sunday school class over for a Bon Fire Party. She didn't like the location and said it was hard to sit around because it was on a slope. So reluctantly, I dug a hole in the middle of my wonderful grassy yard to make a fire pit. As most of you know Robin posted the fire pit on her blog and suddenly several of you were inspired to do the same (build a fire pit that is). Well over the year my pit has kind of fell apart and did not stand up to the weather. After visiting Eric and Melissa as well as Josh and Emily, I have found that their inspired fire pits turned out wonderfully. So now I was inspired to redo mine. The pictures above show Hannah, who worked about 5 minutes, and me digging out the new pit. As I was digging, suddenly I found a friend....a very ugly friend! I have no idea how he was living 1 foot underground but there he was in all his ugliness. Anyway I worked on it for around 2 hours and the picture below is the end result. I hope it can stand all the weather and stays strong for many nights of roasting marshmallows and keeping warm by the fire!