Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What's Up With Us? Soccer Season!

Here it is our 5th season playing soccer as the Penguins! Every year is a little bit different but always a blast. I really enjoy coaching the kids in soccer. Last year Hannah had to move up so she was on an older team called the Pythons. I was very excited to have both Hannah and Jacob back together on the same team. We are a pretty good looking group if you ask me.

We have played 4 games so far and it has been fun. Jacob plays goalie alot and offensive center. Hannah is an awesome defensive player so she plays in the fullback position. I have tried her in the goal a few times and she always gives me mean looks but does pretty good. I am very proud of both of them and know if they keep it up they could both play high school soccer.

Hear are a few action shots that my wonderful wife took during our last game. Also she is the one who took our team picture I posted above. She is sooo talented! We have a game on Saturday so pray for us to do well. We would love another win!