Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Who's the Best?

One day while I was shoppin' around in the local auto parts store in Quincy, I found some Matchbox cars on sale. Knowing how much Jacob loves Matchbox cars and already has several hundred in his collection, I figured "what’s a few more". So I bought 24 of the cars that were on the rack for $.31 each. What a bargain! Well seeing that practice was canceled due to rain, we decided to do an all out Drag Race. Jacob set up his track in his room and we tweeked the lanes the best we could to make sure they were safe and even. Then we pulled out the bag of brand new cars and began to sort them. I had Jacob choose pairs of cars that would race against each other in the first elimination bracket. He went through the pile of cars and picked out which cars seemed to be make the best match. We started the races to see Who Was the Best! Every time a pair would race we separated them winner and looser. After the first round we took the losers and ran them again. If they lost this time they were out! Loose twice and yer out! So we raced and raced and raced until we were down to the last 3 undefeated cars and the small group of one time losers. We had to call it quits for the night due to the starting official was too tired to continue. The finish line official was ready for an All Nighter to complete the race. The starting official pulled rank and said it was bed time. So all in all we had a great time running the Matchbox Car Drag Race! Maybe tomorrow we can finish up the racing brackets and find out “Who's the Best”!


CroppinRobin said...

Very cute...I wondered what exactly you two were doing in there....Glad you had a fun 'night off'.

Melissa said...

What an awesome Father/Son activity. Good job, Fluffy!

Sis said...

Howdy ~ just got a chance to check out your blog. Keep up the good work, I like to know what you guys are doing!!