Saturday, July 7, 2007

The District All-Star Baseball Tournament began today. Jacob's team has practice very hard to
prepare for this day. There are 4 teams represented in the 10-11 year old all-star tournament - Chaires, Miccosukee, Fort Braden, and North West Leon Panthers. Chaires is hosting the District Tournament at their park. Tonight the first game was at 6pm between Chaires and Ft. Braden. Chaires won 8 to 1. We played the 2nd game at 8:20pm against Miccosukee and beat them 16 to 0 in 4 innings. Jacob's main position is playing left field. He is really good at catching pop flys and has a strong arm to throw the ball in on big hits! Tonight he got to play catcher, which is one of his favorite positions, in the last inning. He got to bat 3 times and went 2 for 3. One of his hits was hard to the short stop and over thrown at 1st after Jacob had already made it to the base, so I sent him on to 2nd base and got him thrown out! Oh well, coaches make mistakes too! All in all the team played very well and hit the ball a lot. We went to the park early to watch the other 2 teams play and found that Chaires is going to be the TEAM TO BEAT! Now that we have one win under our belt, we face Chaires tomorrow at 10am. The other 2 teams will play later in the day to decide who will play Sunday against the loser of our game. So we hope to win tomorrow so we can rest on Sunday and play in the Championship Game Monday night. Good luck to the Panthers!

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