Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saved by a Storm!

Well it’s been 12 days since Jacob's All-star baseball team started practices - everyday, 4 hours, sweat, pain, and sometimes tears! I am very proud of Jacob and the hard work he put in for his baseball team, the Thunder, during the normal season. He worked hard and it paid off, he made the 10-11 year old all-star team. Now we have 10 boys, all from other teams, working together to become the best baseball team they can be to represent our park. The All-star Tournament is the weekend of July 6th through the 9th. Not much time to get ready but they are looking like a great ball team. I am very proud of them! I don't know if I ever worked that hard when I was 10 but I know what it feels like now! I was asked to be the Assistant Coach and help prepare the boys for the tournament. So, as you can guess, AL (Head Coach), 3 other dads, and I are out there everyday, 4 hours, a lot more sweat, old timer pains, and lots of tears! It has been hard work but very rewarding. It makes me feel good to see one of the boys make a mistake, then show them a little instruction, and BOOM they do it right the next time. I love to build them up and encourage them to continue to work harder and be better players, to see them grow and the best part for me is to see them with a huge Smile on their face because they know they did it right too! So back to the reason I'm writing this. Today, 2 1/2 hours into practice, after hitting 150 fly balls to the outfield and pitching over 200 balls for batting practice, it happened, a storm! Not just a little lighting and a little thunder but huge lighting and thunder! We all ran into the dugout and sat for a while and then another huge strike of lighting. Practice is over! Pack it up were heading home. It was soooo hot out there today! I drank so much water I thought I was gunna pass out. Saved by a storm. Only bad thing is no rain.

Man this roller coaster is is wearing me out!


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